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Our camp is an hour and a half east of Fresno, above Pine Flat Reservoir. You can get directions to our base camp from the Contact page of this web site.

Rivers are rated on a scale from Class I through Class VI with Class I being the easiest and Class VI being unrunnable. The Kings River is rated Class III, perfect for beginning to intermediate rafters.

Kings River Expeditions has an excellent safety record. In over 40 years of operation, we've never had a drowning and injuries have been minor and few in number. However, certain risks go along with any outdoor activity and they must be assumed by each participant. To validate reservations, all guests must submit a signed Acknowledgment of Risk form to the Kings River Expeditions office at least two weeks prior to their trip.

The Kings River is a natural snow melt river so the water can be very cold in the early season. During this time (typically March through early June) our rafters wear wetsuits and paddle jackets, which we have available for rent in camp. After the middle of June, the river warms up and wetsuits are not necessary.

No. It's a great activity for you on your own or with a group. Our rafts hold up to 7 people. Crew assignments are made by our camp host on the day of your trip.

You can raft by yourself or get together with family, friends, and co-workers and form a team of your own. A team consists of 11 or more paying guests registering at the same time. The 12th person rafts free and team members can receive a discount. Teams may reserve space anytime after the first week of December and have priority reservation status for future trips. We can accommodate up to 72 people per trip. It's a great trip for members of an organization, co-workers, or friends. Call our office, (800) 846-3674 for details.

Youngsters are quite susceptible to the affects of cold water. Parents should consider this before reserving space for kids under the age of 12. After about June 15, the water warms considerably and those who are 9 or older get along fine. However, it is best to check with our office for estimated river flows before reserving space for kids under 12.

Excellent service is not something you pay extra for. It's something we provide to all our guests on each and every trip we run. Gratuities to our guides are never expected, but always appreciated.

We support American Rivers, Friends of the River and the San Joaquin River Conservation and Trust, and we are members of America Outdoors.

Unlike many of our competitors, we operate only one camp on one river with one staff, and everything we do is concentrated on providing the best possible river trips. We have the logistics finely tuned, which allows our staff to concentrate their time and energy on our guests. Our guides will greet you upon your arrival, cook all your meals (and do the dishes), get to know you both on and off the river and make sure your ride is safe and enjoyable. On full service trips, we provide wine and beer, ice cream sundaes, custom photos and DVD of each boat, and a T-shirt for all guests.

We do not recommend pets in camp unless a pet can be kept on a leash and supervised throughout the day. Rafting guests spend a good part of each day on the river and away from camp so a pet would require a non-rafting guest staying in camp. Barking dogs left alone in camp detract from the overall experience for all rafters. An unleashed pet can quickly create an unsanitary and unpleasant situation simply by wandering around our open kitchen and dining area. Out of respect for all guests, pets are not allowed in camp during meal times and must be kept on a leash at all times in the general camp area.

  • Old Town Clovis
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Kings Canyon National Park
  • Sequoia National Park
  • Sequoia National Forrest
  • Sierra National Forrest

Overnight camping in our base camp is free. Rafters coming in a night early or staying an extra night are welcome as long as they camp on the outside perimeter of our base camp and allow current guests to enjoy the main camp area (dining, kitchen, volleyball and restrooms) with the group on their trip.

There is space on the outside perimeter of our base camp for RVs to park, but there are no hook-ups.


After more than a quarter century of rafting with KRE, I still look forward to getting a group together for the new season. It is like a family reunion, with friends from previous years and the guides, familiar and new. The food and fellowship, skills and equipment are really top-notch. Every year I hear people say, coming off the river after the second day's ride, 'I can hardly wait until next year.'

Picture of testimonial speaker oneEarl Mussett, Customer

Even after 13 years with KRE, there's nothing like the thrill of the rapids, the new friendships made around the campfire, the insane antics of the staff skits and the complete and total relaxation of sleeping under the stars after a day on the river. Thanks KRE for making our annual trek to the Kings River better every year.

Picture of testimonial speaker twoBarbara Voet, Customer